Indigenous garden

This blog, Nature on your Doorstep, introduces you to the indigenous plants of South Africa. It also focuses on the creatures that also call your garden home. Many gardeners, like myself, encourage nature by planting certain plants to attract them and even putting out food. Other people may not realise that they are doing the same thing by accident. Occasionally something unwanted arrives, such as a snake or scorpion, and one needs to know how to deal with this. These unwelcome creatures have an unfortunate habit of wanting to investigate your house or home.

The focus Nature on your Doorstep is on planting indigenous plants which, in turn, attract different types of birds and insects to your garden. I am not opposed to non-indigenous plants as many of them are not only beautiful but may also attract nature. It’s just that South Africa is blessed with a wide variety of beautiful plants. You have many to choose from no matter where you are located and what type of garden you have.

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Garden birds are a favourite topic of mine. They are colourful and always busy and it really brings a garden to life. You can encourage birds to your garden by putting out food, bird baths, including plants and trees that provide them with food and by providing them with a place to nest.

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