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Welcome to Nature on your Doorstep – a blog for people who are interested in, or scared of, the nature of the wildlife in their gardens. Generally, nature is good and harmless. There are a few real threats though and no gardener wants to have them in their garden as sooner or later they will end up in their house!

Snakes and scorpions are not welcome

Of course, I am mainly referring to snakes and scorpions, but there are a few other nasties out there. Not all snakes are poisonous but not all people can recognise which snakes are poisonous or not. One of the aims of this site is to make people more familiar with deadly snakes and scorpions and how to handle them should you find one in your garden or house.

There are other harmless creatures that some people do not want in their houses for one reason or another. Amongst this group I would include geckoes and frogs. Then there are insects such as ants and termites which may just be a nuisance or damage your property.

I hope to encourage you to be more aware of what wildlife is in your garden. Plant indigenous plants to attract birds, butterflies and other beautiful and interesting creatures. These certainly make your garden more interesting, and it is not so hard to do.

Gardens are getting smaller

The focus will mainly be on smaller gardens that one tends to find in complexes and city estates. As time goes on there are less and less people who want to own large gardens. They can be a bit of a luxury these days. I am sure the content of this blog will be as relevant to owners of larger gardens and they have the advantage of having more space to work with which, in the end, attracts a bigger variety of wildlife.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy the site, and I would like to encourage you to sign up to my weekly newsletter. I would also like to hear from you. You can comment on posts or contact me directly using email.


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