Gecko versus cockroach

Gecko with cockroach

I am pretty sure that not many people like to have geckoes in their houses. I am even more sure that people don’t like to have cockroaches in their houses. These two creatures cause nightmares for some! As the picture shows the Gecko does win against a cockroach.

Geckoes target humans

Geckoes are common in Durban houses, but you don’t get used to them. I have had them fall on me while I have been asleep and while I have been sitting on the sofa watching TV. I won’t forget the time I was watching one making its way across the ceiling until it was directly above the chair I was sitting on. I should have moved but I didn’t. For some unknown reason the gecko decided that this was the moment to lose its grip and fell. I remember it squirming as it fell towards me. I couldn’t move. Time passed slowly until it plopped onto my chest, gave me a surprised look and scurried away.

Free-falling on humans is not their only trick. They seem to like pooping on you as well. They manoeuvre into a position above your head, or plate of food, lift one back leg and drop their jelly-bean size parcel. Not nice. When you have lots of geckoes in your house you have to keep an eye on them in the evening. Forget trying to concentrate on your favourite TV show.

Will a gecko eat anything else besides a cockroach?

But they do have some good habits. Geckoes eat a lot of insects. If you leave an outside light on it will attract scores of insects which in turn attracts the geckoes. They wait around the perimeter of the assembled insects and choose which moth or bug is going to be their next meal. As the photo shows they may even dispatch one of those dreaded cockroaches. Sometimes in the morning you find bits of cockroach on the floor or kitchen counter, and you realise that geckoes aren’t that bad. Only joking, they are.

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