The beautiful Blue Marguerite Daisy

Blue Marguerite daisy

The Blue Marguerite Daisy is a great indigenous plant to include in virtually any garden. These hardy plants grow into a small shrub, about 50 cm high, and it tends to spread so don’t plant them too close to each other.

Insects love this daisy!

They get their beautiful, yellow-centred mauve flowers from spring onwards and may have a couple of flowers throughout the year. Another strong point is that it is quite drought tolerant. The flowers are not only attractive to humans, but they also attract an assortment of insects as well. You will find that butterflies, bees, wasps and other flying insects visit them regularly. If you look closely, you may even find a yellow flower spider waiting for prey on the yellow centre of the flower.

How can the Blue Marguerite Daisy be used in the garden?

The Blue Marguerite daisy is useful as it can be planted in various places in your garden. They are particularly attractive if you use them as a border, perhaps along the front of a hedge. Plant them in containers, where they flourish, to add a colourful feature for your patio. They do prefer sun so keep that in mind. A sunny position is their preferred spot but you can plant them underneath a tree that doesn’t have dense foliage. Another good idea is to mix these daisies with some others of different colours. This will look fantastic during spring and summer while also providing some colour all year round.

When planted in your garden you will find numerous seedlings popping up near the plant. If you have space, then transplant some of these to allow for a gap between plants. Propagate them from either seed or cuttings.

This daisy occurs naturally from parts of the Eastern and Western Cape provinces of South Africa. There are a number of species of Felicia including one that looks almost identical, but the leaf arrangements are different.

Scientific name: Felicia amelloides

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