The beautiful Bush Lily

Bush Lily

The Bush Lily, or Clivia, is one of South Africa’s most attractive indigenous plants. In fact, it is only found in South Africa. They are well known for their beautiful orange flowers, and they are now cultivated in many other countries around the world.

The Bush Lily has flat dark green leaves. They are best described as strap-like and overlap each other. The flowers are borne on a long stalk that grows from the base of the plant. The flowers tend to appear in autumn through to spring although this varies from area to area. In Gauteng the nurseries tend to be well-stocked with plants that are already in flower during June and July.

Where should I plant my Bush Lily?

These plants are a bit fussy about their growing conditions. They must be planted in a shady spot, and they will not cope with too much sun. The best spot for them is underneath a leafy tree. They will also do well in a container. The Bush Lily is slow growing and does not like to be moved around too much. Rather find a good spot for them and then plant them there directly from the nursery. Do not overwater them.

Are Bush Lilies targeted by pests?

Bush Lilies are sometimes targeted by garden pests such as snails. If you notice that something is eating the flowers, then check your plants at night with a torch. If snails are the culprit, then they can be easily removed by hand. Molerats may eat the bulbs of this plant. The flowers attract a variety of insects such as bees and butterflies. One final point is that these plants are poisonous and can pose a health hazard if you happened to eat enough of them.

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  1. The Bush Lily – they’re not just great when they’re in flower, they’re beautiful all year round. They are one of the few plants that flower in Autumn. While most plants are busy preparing for their long winter’s rest, the Bush Lily is busy putting on a spectacular show.
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