The Spotted Bush Snake – an unwanted intruder!

Spotted Bush Snake

I don’t suppose anyone likes finding a snake in their house. This Spotted Bush Snake was trying to find a way to get into our house through a bedroom window. I chased him off the window sill but, an hour or so later, I found it in our lounge! Why was it so keen to get inside our house? I can only imagine it was keen to hunt the geckoes who insisted on sharing our house.

Where does the Spotted Bush Snake occur?

The Spotted Bush Snake is common in the eastern and southern parts of South Africa. It is harmless but will bite if provoked. They are active during the day and spend much of their time in trees or shrubs. They can also often be seen sunning themselves on walls, garden gates and other places. They feed off lizards and frogs with geckoes being a particular favourite.

How do I identify them?

Unfortunately, many people kill them unnecessarily fearing that they may be a boomslang or mamba. They do, however, usually have quite a distinctive colouration. They tend to be bright green on top with numerous black spots. Their underparts are a cream colour. They grow to a length of around 80 cm or so.

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