Vervet Monkeys – Love them or hate them

Vervet Monkeys

Love them or hate them, monkeys are regular visitors to gardens and houses in some areas. To me they are fascinating creatures. They used to share my garden, in Durban, for many years. During the breeding season the youngsters would get up to endless mischief with each other and they were really fun to watch. A troop of Vervet Monkeys used to pass through our yard twice a day irritating our dogs and our neighbours.

As much as I liked them, we could never leave our backdoor or the kitchens windows open. They used to get through the smallest gaps and make off with whatever they could find. This was a problem especially in the oppressive heat during Durban’s summer when all you want is to try get a breeze flowing through the house.

How do you keep Vervet Monkeys out of your house?

So how do you stop monkeys from visiting your house? The first rule is to never ever encourage them by putting out food for them. This encourages them to your property and builds up their confidence in dealing with us humans. Please don’t try and shoot them with pellet guns or catties. It is so sad to see injured monkeys as a result of them being shot or hit with some projectile. The best bet is to keep kitchen windows and doors closed during the day. I found that they only ever tried to use our kitchen door and windows. Never any of the other doors or windows. If you really are having problems with a troop of monkeys, then it is best to contact one of the wildlife or monkey rescue groups and ask their advice.

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