Guttural Toad – a noisy neighbour

Guttural Toad

The Guttural Toad will probably quite familiar to homeowners in many parts of South Africa. It many areas this frog is extremely common. Wherever they occur, they are noisy and make sure that they are heard and seen.

I know that there are many people that are not happy about having frogs in their yards, for one reason or another, but it is hard to keep the Guttural Toad away. Apart from the breeding season, it does not need to be near water so, even if you do not have a pond or other water source nearby, they will still come and visit your yard! During winter they are less active, except along the KwaZulu-Natal coastal belt. They can squeeze into small gaps between or under rocks, wood, concrete, or any spot that offers them a safe place to stay during winter.

A Guttural Toad in my swimming pool!

Those of you who own swimming pools will often have to hook out these frogs. Somehow they end up in the pool on purpose or by accident. Unfortunately, for the frogs, they cannot easily get out of a pool and will eventually drown after they have become tired from continuously swimming looking for an escape route.

What do they eat?

The Guttural Toad is a large frog that may reach a length of 10 cm. They have big appetites, mainly feeding on insects and spiders. Often, they will wait underneath a light at night hoping that moths or other insects will fall to the ground and be easy prey. Unfortunately, they do the same in roads and frequently squashed by cars. Guttural Toads are guilty of eating smaller frogs. Guttural Toads have become established in the area around Cape Town and are proving to be a pest. They not only compete for food with the frogs that naturally occur there, but sometimes eat them as well. Efforts are underway to eliminate them from the region, but this is a difficult task as they are so prolific.

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