The honey smelling Honey Euryops

Honey Euryops

The Honey Euryops (Euryops virgineus) is an attractive plant with its yellow flowers and bright green foliage. Honeybees are attracted to it and maybe that is because of the pleasing honey fragrance that the flowers give off. At times it may be covered with bees. Bear this in mind if you are allergic to, or nervous of, these useful creatures.

This tough plant can tolerate most things such as heat, frost, and drought. It does grow best in a sunny position with well-drained soil. It can grow to a height of 2 metres with a similar spread. If this is a bit large for your garden, you can just cut it back to a suitable size. This actually seems to benefit the plant particularly during summer heat. Some authors say that you should spray the leaves with water every so often during the dry season.

When does the Honey Euryops flower?

During spring, the Honey Euryops is at its best. It gets covered with brilliant yellow flowers that show up well against the green foliage. It does, however, have flowers all year round. This plant makes a particularly impressive display when planted as a hedge. New plants can be grown from seed but do better from cuttings. The seeds are not naturally distributed away from the plant which means they might end up forming a dense thicket. One drawback of this plant is that the lower parts of the stems are left bare with the green leaves starting half-way up.

The flowers have a long life when cut for the vase and certainly any room would be brighter with their presence.

It is an endemic plant that only grows in a band along the coastal area along the southern regions of South Africa. It is normally found growing on the mountain slopes, up to an altitude of 1,200 metres, in this region.

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