Crassula streyi – Pondo Cliff Crassula

Crassula streyi

The Pondo Cliff Crassula (Crassula streyi) is a beautiful succulent that is ideal for growing indoors. If you can find one at your favourite nursery then it is a worthwhile purchase.

This plant has unusually coloured leaves. The leaves are oval shaped, almost round, and are green on top and maroon to red underneath. In its natural habitat it grows on cliffs in isolated spots in KwaZulu-Natal such as Oribi Gorge and Mkambati Reserve. It only thrives in shady conditions, and it is believed the leaf colouration helps it absorb light in gloomy conditions.

Keep it out of the sun

It is this low-light characteristic that make the plant a good choice for growing indoors. If you have a heavily shaded spot in your garden, that does not get frost over winter, then you consider planting these plants as ground cover.

The Pondo Cliff Crassula is a small plant which only reaches a height of around 35 cm. As mentioned above the leaves are green and deep red. The flowers are borne in winter. The flowers are small and pinkish white in colour and are borne on long stalks.

How to look after Crassula streyi

Like most succulents this one needs to be grown in soil with good drainage. The pot should be filled with a mix of sand, compost, and potting soil. It is slow growing but long-lived. New plants can be generated by placing leaves in a mix of perlite and fine soil. The stalk of the leaf should be buried with the leaf above the mixture. Once the leaves have taken then they can be moved to pots.

This plant is susceptible to attacks by mealy bugs and other insects. Over-watering, or poor drainage, will also affect the plants health. If you can avoid these issues, then you will have an attractive long-lived plant that you can eventually use to propagate others.

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