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Issue 12 – published on 26th September 2021. Common Coral Tree, Chinspot Batis and Pondo Cliff Crassula

Issue 11 – published on 19th September 2021. Hoverflies, Bronze Mannikin and Fiscal Flycatcher.

Issue 10 – published on 9th September 2021. Pleasant Hornet, Tongue-leaved Mesemb and Village Weaver.

Issue 9 – published on 2nd September 2021. Waterberg Bell-bush, Cicadas and the Hadeda Ibis.

Issue 8 – published on 26th August 2021. Includes the Impala Lily, Cape Gecko and Ladybirds.

Issue 7 – published on 19th August 2021. Read about Golden Moles, Pig’s Ears and the Layman butterfly.

Issue 6 – published on 12th August 2021. Read about the Southern Tree Agama, Honey Euryops and Cape Wagtail.

Issue 5 – published on 5th August 2021. Subjects covered this week are the Guttural Toad, Barberton Daisy and Guineafowl butterfly.

Issue 4 – published on 29th July 2021. This weeks newsletter includes articles on Spotted Bush Snakes, Vervet Monkeys, and, on a more pleasant note, the Bush Lily.

Issue 3 – published on 24th July 2021. Read about the Dark-capped Bulbul (also known as a Toppie), Wild Dagga plant and Paper Wasps.

Issue 2 – published on 30th June 2021. This weeks issue features articles on the Common (or Indian) Myna, African Monarch, and getting started with bird feeders.

Issue 1 – published on 22nd June 2021. Read about termites including tips on how to control them, and the beautiful Blue Marguerite Daisy.